Life in a cosmopolitan city offers almost everything that you could ask for, but now and again, all you really need is a little one-on-one time with nature. Heading out, staying active, and working out in the great outdoors may be just the ticket. But a worthy week away doesn’t have to involve a long-haul flight and a battle with jetlag – we’ve rounded up some of the best outdoor fitness holidays right on your doorstep in the Asia Pacific region for the healthy holidaymakers who aren’t looking to stray too far from the Equator, and are ready to save on their carbon footprint, too!

Active Escapes - Healthy Holiday HeroActive Escapes — Maldives

This Australian company caters to guests from all over the world, though for those of you coming from the East, a flight to Bali or the Maldives won’t eat too far into your holiday schedule. With a whole host of activities in the stunning blue waters of the Indian Ocean, guests can choose from snorkelling and surfing around the resort to a boat trip for the more adventurous! At additional cost, the resort can also arrange classes in windsurfing, scuba diving and kayaking. When you’re not getting out and active, the beachside accommodation suits guests and solo travellers, guaranteeing seven nights of sound sleep and a week well spent. Price start from $3,800.

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thanyapuraThanyapura Sports & Leisure – 10 days in paradise package 

Thanyapura’s sprawling 23-hectare facility offers everything you would expect and more of a sports hotel. The premium health and fitness centre in Phuket boasts a 10-day package holiday that will have you fighting fit in no time at all. The program is designed by famed triathlete Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack – with on site physiotherapy, chiropractic practice and sports masseuse, the programme includes open water swim training, cycling routes through the quiet surrounding areas, track running and more! Video analysis will also be conducted on your swimming to improve your technique and skillset. You’ll also be treated to a healthy breakfast to kick start each day. Price start from $640.

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chosen experienceChōsen Experiences 

Chōsen Experiences employ a combined focus on the senses to make your retreat work for you. Each week has a different emphasis, and while there are several different locations on offer, Bali’s beaches are only a short flight away – meaning easy access and instant relaxation. This particular September retreat offers six nights of uninterrupted bliss – yin yoga, mindfulness coaching, massages and a series of beachside fitness activities by your private villa on Canggu beach. Featuring Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Michael Klim and a whole host of delicious nutritionally balanced meals throughout your stay, this sounds like just the thing to have you happier, healthier and stronger with a positive outlook to take back home! Single occupancy prices start from $5,400.

Book herefitness holiday asiaFitness Holiday Asia – Boot camp programme 

Affiliated with The Spa in Thailand’s Koh Samui, this boot camp programme splits your workout into three key areas of focus – upper body, lower body and the whole shebang with rigorous circuit training (including the ever-dreaded burpees, but they’re worth it, we promise!) On your down time, make sure you take full advantage of your stunning surroundings, kayaking and paddle boarding on the high seas, or hiking around the beautiful mountain scapes. This all-inclusive fitness holiday offers full room and board, a minimum of four hours of exercise each day, and roundtrip airport transfers, though we’re sure you won’t want to leave! A seven-day package for a single traveller starts from $1,296.

Book hereGI jane samuiGI Jane Koh Samui – Boot Camp 

We’ve written about GI Jane before, but her sister fitness programme in Koh Samui packs some serious punch and is definitely worth her own mention. This weeklong boot camp is modelled on the same military-style routine, but with the added bonus of some relaxing beachside pleasures. You’ll start your days in a meditative state with a morning yoga class and end them with a de-stressing and relaxing massage. You won’t be left wanting for time in between, with exercises and drills packed into your day with the help of British military trainers focusing on strength and conditioning as well as weight loss! Prices start from $1,306.

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