Guiding guests on a ‘journey to wholeness’, V Integrated Wellness offers ‘conscious living’ programmes in the form of sophisticated holistic therapies, fitness facilities, beauty treatments, healthy cuisine, mind-body classes, educational workshops, and healthy lifestyle retreats for body and soul.


Located within The Andaman Resort in Langkawi, Malaysia, V Integrated Wellness is situated alongside Datai Bay Beach, 35km from Langkawi International Airport. Surrounded by centuries-old trees and limestone outcroppings, the retreat’s peaceful ambience is enhanced by Andaman Sea breezes and the melodious songs of tropical birds.


V Integrated Wellness - Healthy Holiday Hero

Stylishly outfitted with elegant furnishings and upmarket amenities, room types include ‘Deluxe Rooms’ (43-square-metres with outdoor balcony), ‘Luxury Rooms’ (43 square-meters with private garden and balcony), ‘Luxury Seaview Rooms’ (43 square metres with balcony overlooking the Andaman Sea), ‘Jacuzzi Studio Suites’ (studio style rooms with rainforest views and private Jacuzzi), and ‘The Executive Suites’ (86-square-metres with 24-hour concierge service). The deluxe rooms have ‘Rainforest’ and ‘Treetop’ options; the Luxury rooms have ‘Pool Access’ (with private swimming pool) and ‘Garden Terrace’ (with 25 square-meter garden) options; while the executive rooms have ‘Seaview’ (with balcony overlooking the ocean) or ‘Pool’ (with private plunge pool, cabana daybed and private garden) options.

Food Programme

V Integrated Wellness - Healthy Holiday Hero

V’s ‘Healthy Cuisine’ menu was mindfully crafted by the resort’s Executive Chef. Based on a wholesome, clean eating philosophy, the retreat’s comprehensive dining menu caters to vegetarian, vegan, raw and gluten-free diets. Made from fresh ingredients, meals are wide-ranging and include delicious dishes such as steamed ginger-scented sea bass, harissa-marinated tofu and grilled salmon with herb-infused quinoa and soymilk sauce. All seafood on the menu supports sustainable fishing practices and all meats support organic farming methods. There is a also a range of yummy raw deserts which contain no white sugar, white flour, dairy products, trans-fats, saturated fats or processed foods.

Treatment Programme

V Integrated Wellness - Healthy Holiday Hero

Dedicated to providing a high-quality, holistic approach to wellbeing, the core wellness programmes at V Integrated Wellness run for 5 days and encompass ‘Detox’, ‘Deep Relaxation’, ‘Vitality’ and ‘Soul Connection’. Executed by the retreat’s ‘wellness programme advisor’, each retreat begins with a holistic lifestyle assessment, after which packages are customized to meet individual needs. Each package is designed to cultivate the life force (chi) of each and every guest, and to encourage each individual to live in a more conscious way, with a deeper sense of purpose – in tune with their body, mind, spirit, nature and community. Featuring internationally-recognized gurus and masters, V Integrated Wellness offers much more than pampering and invites guests to explore all aspects of the ‘inner and outer self’ by providing innovative and integrative tools which encourage healing, rejuvenation and sustainable health and wellbeing solutions. Along with a state-of-the-art fitness centre and outdoor yoga and meditation cabana, V’s 7,113 square foot Botanical Spa offers a range of deluxe treatments in its open-air spa villas.


Expect to feel…healthier, happier and more inspired than when you arrived.

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